Epidemiology trainings

We conduct field epidemiology training activities based on the principle of “learning by doing”. In our training courses, we include real-life case studies. We adapt the objectives, content and duration to the target audience needs

Epiconcept Support

The epidemiology team supports field epidemiology training activities through:

  • Production of curricula
  • Développement of training materials
  • Organisation of training modules
  • Evaluation of training programmes
  • Coaching of trainees
  • Support to Field Epidemiology Training Programmes

Languages : French, English, Spanish.

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Organisation Mondiale de la Santé
Institut Pasteur
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
Commission de l’Océan Indien

… and other European public health institutes, Hong Kong, Canada

Several Epidemiology trainings topics

Scientific Writing

Learn to develop a manuscript for publication, based on the result of studies conducted by participants. Starting from identifying the main message of the article, participants will organise logically their ideas to build a well structured article including an effective discussion to reach the conclusions and recommendations.

Time series analysis

Public health data are routinely collected sequentially in time. This training provides participants with methods and statistical techniques to analyse these special kind of data, according to their analysis objectives.

Logistic regression

Logistic regression is commonly used in public health for binary health outcomes. This training covers the appropriate choice of regression type, selecting logistic regression models according to your study objectives and interpreting and validating results.

Rapid assessment in emergency situations

This training aims to strengthen knowledge and skills in terms of population surveys, surveillance, outbreak investigations and epidemiological studies under circumstances of national or international emergency. Epidemiologists are prepared to participate in multidisciplinary and international responses and apply their epidemiological expertise to public health interventions.

    Evaluation of vaccination programmes

    Using practical examples, understand and use concepts and tools used by epidemiologists when conducting surveillance of vaccine preventable diseases (VPD), and carrying out effectiveness, impact and safety studies.

    Principles of outbreak investigation

    Outbreak investigation is a core part of field epidemiology. The Epiconcept training allows participants to understand its methodological and operational aspects. It can be carried out with or without using IT tools for outbreak investigation.

    IT tools for epidemic investigation

    This training is designed to reinforce participants’ knowledge and skills in the use of software applications for investigation (R or Stata).

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