Indian Ocean Project

Project description

The Indian Ocean islands are particularly vulnerable to infectious diseases with epidemic risks (Zika, Ebola, Chikungunya…). In order to prepare for or prevent them, the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) initiated the SEGA “One Health” régional surveillance and monitoring network that includes five IOC Member States health services (Madagascar, Mauritius, France – Reunion Island, Seychelles, Union of the Comoros).

Context situation

In 2006, the indian ocean countries have been hardly hit by a major outbreak of chikungunya diseases. It appeared at that time that there was no communication between the Ministry of health of those 5 countries. After the outbreak it was agreed by the country representatives within the Indian Ocean Commission to develop a disease surveillance network within the region

Project activities

The two specific objectives of the project were:

  1. To establish a regional network of epidemiological surveillance and response coordination;
  2. To strengthen the national capacities of surveillance Units in consideration of epidemic diseases and outbreak response in the Member States of the IOC.

The project included a two year regional field epidemiology training programme with participants from the five Member states. Epiconcept was leading the project and having one training coordinator based in Madagascar.

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