Project description

Project to evaluate pandemic preparedness and response tools, systems and practices.

Context situation

The PANDEM project aimed at the reduction of threats to the health, socio-economic and security to society posed by future pandemics so that in the future we will be better prepared at the regional, national, EU and global level. It assessed pandemic preparedness and response tools, systems, and practice in priority areas including risk assessment and surveillance,  communication and public information, governance, and legal frameworks. PANDEM identified gaps and improvement needs leading to the development of viable innovative concepts and analysing the feasibility of a future demonstration project to strengthen capacity-building for pandemic risk management in the EU.

Project activities

Bringing double Epi-IT expertise, Epiconcept will lead Work Package 2 – Surveillance. WP2 focuses on the specific objective of identifying, compiling, and normalising multi-source pandemic-related data into a coherent pandemic-management database, which requires substantial public health domain knowledge and IT competence. Epiconcept will also bring analytical tools to produce indicators.

Epiconcept will also contribute to other work packages:

  • Work Package 3 – Situational awareness: work with Clarisoft to define the data model for PANDEM-2
  • Work Package 3 – Demonstration, training and networking

    Scientific publications

    PANDEM-Source, a tool to collect or generate surveillance indicators for pandemic management: a use case with COVID-19 data

    Orchard F, Clain C, Madie W, Hayes JS, Connolly MA, Sevin E, Sentís A.

    Front Public Health. 2024 Mar 20;12:1295117. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2024.1295117. PMID: 38572005; PMCID: PMC10989069.

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