Dec 2016
In cooperation with the Mérieux foundation, EpiConcept is now accepting registrations for its 5-day...
Nov 2016
​In 2014, Epiconcept chose the open source statistical and data presentation language "R" as its...
Oct 2016
At the e-Health Research 2016 congress in Paris, EpiConcept's project director Etienne Sévin (@...
Sep 2016
National Congress of the French Society for the fight against AIDS The CUPIDON team will be present...
Jun 2016
Voozanoo was used by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur CIRE (Inter-regional Epidemiological cell of...

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Best wishes for 2017

The Epiconcept​ team wishes you a happy new year full of enjoyable moments.

As Epiconcept launches into the new year, we want to let all our partners know that we are committed to "Smart Health".

You will notice our new company logo with this bright and proud reminder to this commitment.


The health of each person is the concern of all persons. This is the very spirit of public health programmes.
The more these programmes are connected, the more effective they will be.

The more human, ethical and in line with medical concerns they are, ​the better they are to improve the health and well being of each person.


We are doctors, epidemiologists, data scientists and IT specialists. This is the vision of Epiconcept.

Personal Health Data Hosting Provider

EpiConcept has put into place a data security policy that fulfils the legal and ethical requirements associated with hosting personal health information.