Wepi: our offer evolves

02 November 2020

About Wepi

Wepi is a web-based questionnaire management information system, especially designed for surveys conducted by epidemiologists and health professionals. It is used by a growing number of users.

To meet the need to make this solution evolve, its free of charge (previously unconditional) will be limited in time and use as of November 5, 2020.

Free service or Premium: two terms of offer

Free Wepi service
This will give the right to 1000 forms and 1 survey of three months. Once this period has elapsed or the maximum number of records has been reached, no new records will be possible (but reading, exporting and deleting data will be possible). Users of this version will be able to open a new survey, limited to the same duration, after deletion of their existing survey. This service will have no customer support. 

Wepi Premium offer
The Wepi Premium offer will propose : 
- An unlimited number of questionnaires and registrations
- Daily backups of all questionnaires and their records
- Certified health data hosting
- Professional user support

For our current users

- If your account does not exceed the conditions of the free version (1 survey and less than 1000 records): you enter the criteria for using the free version. Your usage rights meet the criteria of the "Free Wepi Service" presented above. 

- If your account exceeds the conditions of free access: in order to allow you to continue your work, all your questionnaires will be kept intact. You can continue using them until 28 February 2021. However, each questionnaire will be limited to 1000 responses or its current level if greater than that. After the deadline of February 28th, you will be able to continue to consult your data (for reading, export or deletion). If these modalities penalize your work, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can find a solution together. 

How to subscribe

The subscription price is the latter: 
- 500 € excl. tax per year and per user up to five users 
- 250 € excl. tax per year and per user beyond five users

You can contact us if you already wish to adopt the unlimited WepiPro version. 

Are you a health studies student or do you have limited resources for your project? You can benefit from a special and preferential offer: contact us so that we can evaluate together an adapted offer.