Voozanoo : updates of the framework and its modules

22 July 2020

Improvements to the mobile version, the application editor and our support settings… here are our last updates.

1. Release of the Voozanoo 1.6 mobile application on Android:

Two notable changes are to be reported in this new version:
– it allows the apps to be used in any language, as opposed to only English and French before.
– the mobile application also handles complex page navigation that is more aligned to human thinking.

2. Release of Epicraft version 1.20:

Changes to note in this new version:
– The ability for the user to choose and display any variable from the dataqueries to other varsets that they had created. 

– A new “life cycle” and user rights management system, which changes the way users access a project. The project manager can now define the stage of the lifecycle in which it is “open”, “protected” or “locked”. The user is assigned one of five levels of access based on this stage. This gives the team appropriate rights and protections over the project as it evolves :

– There is now, as a default, the time variable without seconds.

– The date picker for constraining min, max and default dates has been replaced:

3. A new system for delegating access to the user account in Voozanoo4

This system now makes it easier for Epiconcept administrators and project managers to assist you:

It allows a user to allocate temporary rights to a trusted administrator to use the application in his place. By doing so, the administrator can identify the real or perceived problem and qualify the origin of the problem. The traceability system integrated in Voozanoo 4 monitors this “delegation” and records all actions performed by the administrator under the cover of a particular user.

As always, release notes for each component of the Voozanoo ecosystem are available in the release notes section of Epidocs (https://epiconcept-paris.github.io/epidocs).