Voozanoo: our latest updates

23 January 2020

Our Voozanoo framework is constantly updated to meet both software evolutions and our customers’ needs. Here is a focus on the updates we made during the last few weeks.

The Vooz4 table display widget has now become more flexible for developers which allows for more complex table elements. 

Security has been increased through three different improvements: 

1) encryption is now at the SHA256 level 

2) after n incorrect password attempts, each successive attempt is now limited via timed delays increasing exponentially 

3) vastly improved strong password, strong username, and renewal options.

Our Epicraft editor has also been update:

There is an entire new interface for creating data queries without writing a single line of XML code. 

A new “Tech check” feature systematically goes through all pages and variables and checks to make sure there are no inconsistencies of how they are referenced. Epicraft tells the user exactly where there are potential problems with their project. 

A requested search function was created. Users can type in just a few letters and instantly find the variable or dictionary item among the potentially thousands of components.