Voozanoo: our latest updates

04 June 2020

Over the last few weeks, the Voozanoo framework – which is continuously improved – was updated and completed by extra tools making the creation of specialized functions easier for developers.
We are pleased to offer you a preview. 

New projects have a clearer default home page:

The Voozanoo modules have a reniewed visual identity:

Traceability improvements: Voozanoo now tracks additional information on an administrator’s actions thus giving a fuller understanding of who operated what actions on the system and on what date and time.

Safe rights are set by default:

This strongly reduces the probability to accidentally give dangerous rights to users.

Titles on groups are now dynamic:

Special case situations:
– Administrators are protected from deleting a role if at least one user has that role. 
– Developers now have some more tools to make their jobs easier when creating custom code for a project. 
– Certain types of data queries have speed improvements. 
– Voozanoo 4 received the preparatory developments to handle upcoming relational tables features in Epicraft 
– End-users now have clearer messaging about how to make their weak passwords strong: