The Voozanoo framework

Clinical studies or medical databases, disease surveillance, prevention or screening management: all e-health projects entrusted to us are developed via Voozanoo. This exclusive and customizable technical base allows to collect and manage data online in a secure environment. Highly configurable and versatile, Voozanoo adapts to different modes of operation (on a server within its infrastructure or in "Cloud" mode certified "Personal Health Data Hosting"), development (online editor for confirmed users) or data integration.


User interfacing: compatibility with scanning, import from already established IS, mobile input and connected objects


Epicraft Editor: tool for designing applications (databases and input forms, links, listing, exports) in autonomy. It can be used simultaneously by several business experts. 


Back-office: parameterization of consistency checks and segmentation of rights (data access, role assignment); interfacing of modules to share them within an SSO portal.

Additional modules "à la carte"


Document merge module equipped with tags from the database. It allows the personalized management of templates (writing medical reports, prescription reports) as well as the automated generation of letters or appointment invitation files.


Module for the secure transmission of files between health professionals (laboratories, doctors, health network...). Transfers are automated taking into account the bandwidth of the customers and the expiry date of the files is configurable.

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There are two main functions for this statistics module: - Integrate graphs and analysis results in complex tabular form. - Manage your dashboards via a dedicated reporting application. Native integration of the "EpiStats" library dedicated to the field of epidemiology and GADMTools for the creation of global maps.

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Extraction management, transformation and loading of data into third party targets: BuDi (Bulk Dispatcher) allows to operate on Voozanoo internal modules via exposed APIs: file generation, statistics, email or SMS sending, file collection and distribution between modules. The frequency of data retrieval and sending is configurable and all events are saved and can be consulted.


Mobile data entry: Available for iOS and Android, the module allows you to fill in forms both online and offline, or to send completed forms via SMS via a proxymobil.

+ Tailor-made developments: according to the specific needs formulated by our customers. The modules are integrated into the software architecture and ready to use.