Voozanoo 4.2 compatible for the filling of the Shared Medical Record and the reading of included documents in indirect authentication.

10 July 2020

A public project of the Ministry of Health ratified by the 2016 health law, the Shared Medical Record contains all the patient’s medical data. It should facilitate the coordination and continuity of care.
The French Shared Medical Record can now be fed from applications developed under Voozanoo 4.2, and the associated documents can be read. All documents can be accessed directly on the Shared Medical Records website. The latest version of Epiconcept’s application base complies with the delegated requirements of the “Secure access to the file” and “Shared Medical Record power supply” profiles for indirect authentication (through institutions’ software certificate). Epiconcept was awarded a certificate of approval for these two profiles in May 2020 following tests carried out by Icanopée, publisher of the Shared Medical Record Connect enterprise application integration.
Public health professionals who have an application project requiring access to shared medical records can Contact us for more information.