Vaxi: an IT solution adapted for the management of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign

04 January 2021

Vaxi, Epiconcept’s IT solution for the complete management of vaccination centers activities, meets the recommendations of French health authorities and the needs of professionals for the implementation of the vaccination campaign against COVID-19.

A solution adapted to the management of COVID-19 vaccination

Vaxi includes an Eligibility module that meets the COVID-19 vaccination eligibility criteria provided by the Haute Autorité de Santé for the management of patients. It includes:

– An automatic suggestion of the vaccination phase adapted to the patient, which can be confirmed by the healthcare professional and used for statistical purposes;

– A pre-vaccination questionnaire including a list of potential contraindications – and a display of alerts if the patient’s profile corresponds to one of them;

– Informed consent from the patient;

– Fields dedicated to the collection of pharmacovigilance information (immediate or delayed adverse events).

The solution is also interfaced to, in order to :

– Create an electronic vaccination record (CVE) accessible to the patient during the consultation: “a key device to meet the logistical, regulatory, information and communication challenges posed by the need to deploy a national immunization program” according to the French National Academy of Medicine.

– View the recommended vaccination schedule (in particular for the intervals between the two doses required for COVID vaccination). Recording of the recall is automatically performed in Vaxi.

– Have a comprehensive inventory of COVID-19 vaccines (about 50 vaccines, including temporary clinical trial vaccines) to provide a baseline, updated as additions are made.

Easy to deploy and accessible online (on a Saas mode), the software offers all the required guarantees of security and data confidentiality, as Epiconcept solutions are HDS (Health Data Hosting) certified.

Accompanying public health authorities in a logistical and technical challenge

With Vaxi, Epiconcept supports vaccination centers and health authorities in the logistical and technical challenge associated with a large-scale vaccination campaign, the first of its kind in France. To be carried out efficiently, the campaign must be based on complex information systems, adapted to use by a large number of people and respecting the rules of protection and confidentiality of patient data. Epiconcept offers these guarantees, and already supports major public health players in the day-to-day management of their activity.