Vaccines against Covid-19: COVIREIVAC, a platform to recruit 25,000 volunteers to conduct large-scale clinical trials in France

04 October 2020

At the request of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, France has organized itself to contribute to the evaluation of the most promising vaccine candidates with the establishment of the COVIREIVAC platform.

Managed by Inserm, Covireivac federates 24 clinical investigation centers within University Hospitals throughout France, in close collaboration with the National College of Teaching General Practitioners. The clinical operational aspects of the various university hospitals are coordinated by the AP-HP.

The information system designed to register volunteers to conduct the first large-scale clinical trials in France was developed by Epiconcept. It can be accessed online at

The COVIREIVAC web space gives access to a short questionnaire designed to pre-select volunteers for future clinical trials on Covid 19 vaccines.

Developed with the support of Santé Publique France and the French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM), the website aims to provide the most accurate information possible on vaccine development to inform the decision of potential volunteers.
Volunteers are invited to pre-register on this site and fill out an initial health questionnaire. They will then be contacted according to the needs of the different research protocols (age, pre-existing conditions, geographical location). They will then be able to confirm their agreement to participate in the specific trial for which they have been called or choose to withdraw. It is also possible that they may never be called. The COVIREIVAC platform works in close collaboration with the Covid-19 vaccine scientific committee, chaired by Marie-Paule Kieny, research director at Inserm, member of the CARE committee. The clinical trials conducted will focus on the most promising vaccines, selected by the scientific committee vaccines.