Secure health data transfer & storage with Epifiles

Epifiles is a software for transferring, sharing and
secure storage of files respecting the regulations in force, related to the Hosting of Health Data (HDS).

Needs-based / personalized user space

  • A confidential and secure multi-contributor space
  • Space arranged in several storage areas according to needs.

Depending on the roles and rights of users, Epifiles offers adapted and personalized screens and functionalities.

Ease of piloting

  • Automation of transfers, even if the internet connection fails.
  • A storage duration set according to needs, with automatic deletions.
  • Activity monitoring (status of transfers)

2 modes of use

  • Direct use by end users
  • Piloting Epifiles via an API (interface with a third-party application)

    The advantages of our Epifiles solution

    An attentive service

    • Access to dedicated support.
    • Quality support during implementation via user training (Premium offer).

    Secure health data

    • Web platform accessible in a secure way and hosted on HDS approved servers.
    • Secure data storage & multi-center data entry in a secure private space.

    All types of health data

    • Structured and unstructured data: DICOM, medical reports, HL7/HPRIM files, laboratory results

    SaaS full-web solution

    • Does not require any installation.
    • Control via API

    Central purchasing referencing

    Health data hosting

    We are Health Data Host (HDS) of a personal nature since 2012 with ISO 27001/HDS certification since 2019.

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    Commitment and ethics

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