Services for NGOs: our identity changes

07 May 2020

Epiconcept has been involved with international solidarity organizations since its beginnings: we started designing dedicated software and supporting its use throughout the world in 1999.  

Today, as in the past, we believe that NGOs will be more effective if they are equipped with solutions that are both professional and adapted to their problems.
We support them in this approach and train referents in the use of our software. More than sixty international solidarity organizations trust us today and use, on a daily basis, one or more of our solutions. 

To make this activity more readable, our software offer to international solidarity organizations will now be presented under a dedicated signature:

Saga (financial management), Homere (payroll and human resources) and Saga Stock software will also see their graphical interface evolve with each update.  
We offer you an overview of this in a global presentation of our service offering. You will now be able to find it online, on our new website: