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As a software publisher in SaaS mode,
our e-health prevention and screening solutions and our solutions for NGOs
are recognized and used by thousands of people every day.

Discover our "customer centric" interfaces, designed to facilitate the user experience and to respond to the constant evolution of health programs.

Management of prevention campaigns with the Health Suite Prevention & Management of screening campaigns



CUPIDON is a software that meets the needs of CeGIDDs in the management of STI, hepatitis and HIV screening consultations.

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Vaxi is a simple and complete software allowing hospital, municipal or departmental vaccination centers to manage compulsory, professional and international vaccination of the population.

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Damoc specializes in the management of investigations around an index case of tuberculosis, in the targeted screening of populations at risk, and in BCG vaccination.

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e-SIS 3D Cancer Screening

Complete and operational management solution for breast, colorectal and cervical cancer screening programs

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Newborn screening Neonat

National neonatal screening program management software

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Data managment


Wepi is an IT platform for managing online questionnaires, designed for surveys carried out by epidemiologists and health professionals.

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Epifiles secure transfer and storage

Epifiles is a software for the transfer, sharing and secure storage of files containing health data that complies with the regulations in force.

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International Solidarity Projects: Support for NGOs


Pharmaceutical inventory management software for international solidarity organizations.

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Field financial management software for international solidarity organizations

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Stock Saga

Human resources and payroll management for international solidarity organizations.

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Central purchasing referencing

Health data hosting

We are Health Data Host (HDS) of a personal nature since 2012 with ISO 27001/HDS certification since 2019.

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Commitment and ethics

Discover our commitments and values ​​in our charter