WEPI is a secure and free web tool for the creation and management of epidemiology and health questionnaires. Its collaborative environment allows several parties to input data online. It can be used on any device connected to the Internet (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

What are the features of WEPI?

  • Multi-centre data entry in a secure private space
  • Based on Voozanoo™, licensed software for the hosting of personal health data
  • Collection of data possible from a tablet or smartphone
  • Free use for healthcare professionals
  • Unique copy-paste feature for creating questionnaires
  • Unlimited number of questionnaires and answers
  • Exports in EpiData, Stata and CSV formats
  • Based on standard Opensource technologies
  • Questionnaires transferable to a relational Voozanoo™ database

To try Wepi, you can visit the Wepi , demonstration site or go to the official site to create your own account.