About Wepi

Wepi is a web-based questionnaire management information system, especially designed for surveys conducted by epidemiologists and health professionals.

Wepi is accessible simultaneously by several users. It allows the creation and management of epidemiological and health surveys.

Wepi's Features

  • Multicentric data entry in a private and secure space
  • Based on Voozanoo, a certified software for hosting personal health data
  • Offline data collection possible with a smartphone or a tablet
  • Unique copy/paste function for questionnaire creation
  • Exports in EpiData, Stata and CSV formats
  • Web Accessibility
  • Secure Hosting of Health Data: secure information storage

Subscription terms and conditions

- Free Wepi service: it gives the right to 1000 records and 1 survey of three months. Once this period has elapsed or the maximum number of records has been reached, our users can no longer make new recordings but retain the ability to read, export and delete their data. Users can then open a new survey, limited to the same duration, after deleting their existing survey. This service has no customer support.

- Wepi premium offer: it offers an unlimited number of questionnaires and recordings, daily backups of all questionnaires and their recordings, certified health data hosting and professional user support.