An IT solution for the complete management of vaccination center activities.
Accessible online, Vaxi is adapted to the management of recommended and professional vaccination as well as to the management of travel vaccination.

Vaxi offers functionalities for a complete and optimized operation of the centers:

  • Centralized and multi-center management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Real-time stock management
  • Coping with the new vaccine standard
  • Automated scanning of vaccines
  • A Pharmacovigilance module dedicated to pharmacovigilance
  • A module for statistics and extractions specific to vaccination
  • Invoicing and Electronic Care Sheet management
  • Printing of the Primary Health Insurance Fund slips and vaccination certificates.


VAXI meets the recommendations of French health authorities and the needs of professionals for the implementation of the vaccination campaign against COVID-19.

The solution is interfaced to, which allows healthcare professionals to create an electronic vaccination record accessible to patients during the consultation. Once in possession of his personal identifiers, the patient is able to share his record with any other healthcare professional (general practitioner, pharmacist, nurse, etc.). If the patient already has a record at, it is possible to retrieve his entire vaccination history.

VAXI, part of the Preventative Health Suite

Like CUPIDON (screening for STIs) and DAMOC (tracking index tuberculosis cases and their contacts), VAXI is integrated into the Preventative Health Suite, Epiconcept's modular offering.

    User benefits


    Simple and interoperable

    Easy deployment and compatibility with software already deployed within the structure


    Reporting functions

    Response to activity reporting and action traceability requirements


    "All in one"

    Including certified data hosting, corrective and evolutionary maintenance, upgrades and user support.


    Software evolutions

    Continuous software updates and upgrades