An emergency database

The SIVIC platform (SI VICtimes) is a shared and secure database adapted to events that generate numerous injuries (attack, hostage-taking, accident on the public highway, etc.). It was developed following the November 2015 attacks. Its goal was to identify people admitted to emergency rooms on a single platform that would allow the search for duplicates and the possibility of transfers from one department to another.

2 different interfaces, developed in express time:

  • A follow-up of victims, for the attention of health authorities. The database manages hospital data as well as contacts of victims and/or relatives 
  • A follow-up of wanted persons: management of declarations for Government Victims Assistance Unit.

Epiconcept ensured the development of the platform's version 1 and made human resources available (on-call service) if necessary. 

The platform was monitored by Epiconcept until 2017 with in order to ensure continuous improvement and to extend its use to Regional Health Authorities.  


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