An emergency database

Developed under emergency conditions following the attacks of November 2015, the SI-VIC (SI VICtimes) web platform has enabled health agencies to quickly access a shared and secure database adapted to events generating numerous casualties (attacks, hostage-taking, accidents on public roads, etc.). 

This platform thus offered a system for recording emergency room admissions with a search for duplicates and the possibility of transfers from one department to another.

Strong functionalities for two main categories of users:

  • A database for monitoring victims for the health authorities (DGS/ARS): data on hospital care, contacts of victims and/or relatives; 
  • A database for tracking wanted persons: management of declarations for the CIAV (Cellule Interministérielle d'Aide aux Victimes - Interministerial Victim Support Unit).

Follow-up of the project: 

Epiconcept developed the first version of the platform and made available a crisis unit (on-call), which could be triggered on demand, to set up a base in emergency conditions. 

Epiconcept monitored the platform until 2017 with a view to continuously improving it and extending its use to regional health agencies. The delegated project management of SI-VIC has since been entrusted to the Agence du numérique en santé. 

Still in operation, SI-VIC is used in the event of "exceptional health situations" by identified users (in health establishments, Urgent Medical Aid Service, medical-psychological emergency units and regional health agencies). In particular, it was used by healthcare institutions in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic to enable the enumeration of COVID-19 hospitalized patients, particularly in intensive care units, and thus ensure real-time monitoring of the impact on the supply of care (hospital beds, intensive care, death).


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