Laboratories, doctors, health networks: Epifiles is a software for the transfer, sharing and secure storage of files containing health data in compliance with current regulations.


The advantages of Epifiles

User space layout

Your space can be arranged into several storage areas according to your needs.

Screens configured according to user type

Epifiles segments roles, articulates the right level of rights for each zone (adding and/or downloading documents, space management...) and offers specific screens and options.

Two modes of use

Epifiles can be used by end-users to send and share personal medical data, but also as a secure tunnel between applications via APIs. DICOM, medical reports, HL7/HPRIM files, laboratory results: one application can communicate files asynchronously to another. Epifiles is then used as a "buffer zone" for transfers (during off-peak periods, at night for example) according to the following scenario :

  1. Initiating the transfer, retrieving the transfer acknowledgement
  2. Calling the target application to initiate the transfer with identification token
  3. Initialization of the transfer by the target application

Certified Secure Health Data Hosting Space

Files accessible wherever you are

Store your files in a secure space and access them from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Smart transfers

Transfers are automated, taking into account possible bandwidth flaws (bad Internet or wifi connection, power cuts...): once initiated, downloads are completed.

A storage duration set according to your needs

Expiration system

Definition of the duration of the deposit and the time limit for automatic file deletion with notification of the deletion to the users.


A confidential and secure multi-contributor space

Epifiles is a central point of confidential filing. Only the zone owner will see the files.


State of files monitoring

At any time, Epifiles contributors can check whether their file has been uploaded or not.