The context

In 2010, the Greater West Region decided to lauch PHARE, an online information system dedicated to the management of the patient pathway. Its goal was to follow the care pathway of people hereditarily predisposed to breast, ovary, colorectal & endometrium cancers.

The software was developed by Epiconcept.

The deployment 

The Phare Grand Ouest team and its network of eight oncogenetic reference centres use the system at all stages of the care pathway:

  • Patient Inclusion
  • Realization of the personalized follow-up plan
  • Follow-up of the examinations carried out and recovery of the results. 

The solution extends to other regions:

  • Genepy Network in Midi-Pyrénées: integration in the Regional Cancer Communiquant Dossier 
  • "Proche" Network (Regional prevention plan for Hereditary Cancers in Nord-Pas-de-Calais): 1600 patients already followed, 400 new patients included each year

It also allows to address other issues:

  • Institut Gustave Roussy and Research centre for Epidemiology and population health: national monitoring of people exposed to ionizing radiation in childhood


Institut Gustave Roussy