E-SIS: a complete and dematerialized management system for cancer screening programs.

As the cornerstone of the cancer prevention system in France, organised screening aims at detecting pre-cancerous lesions and cancers at an early stage. If successful, this leads to less invasive and painful treatments for patients, but also to better changes of survival. In order to reach this goal, screening must be facilitated by robust, fluid and efficient technical solutions.

E-SIS offers screening providers a complete and operational management solution for three programs: breast, colorectal and cervix:

The system is common to management centres and practitioners. It thus makes it possible to optimize the patient pathway. In France, e-SIS adapted itself to the regionalization of the organizaed screening programs.

Functional assets : 

- 100% web system, for more flexibility - Total security of information and data

Technical advantages: 

- Adaptability program's administrative organization - A simplified and differentiated multi-stakeholder access - An optimized management of patient files and data - Quality control, for continuous improvement of screening - Specificities related to the type of cancer - An economical solution, for a controlled cost of screening

A customer support and a panel of services benefiting from Epiconcept's dual expertise in health and epidemiology: 

- Dedicated training for new users - Data processing service (bio-statistics, mapping) - Quality monitoring: corrective maintenance of the tools necessary for the transfer of results; evolutionary maintenance; consulting (security, organization, equipment, etc.). This solution is the result of a consortium involving Epiconcept, the Swiss company CDI, the Turkish company SESAM and the engineering school of Fribourg (Switzerland).

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