E-SIS: a complete and dematerialized management system for cancer screening programs.

Organized screening aims to detect pre-cancerous lesions and cancers at an early stage. It is this detection that will then make it possible to promote less invasive and painful treatments for the patient, but also to allow a better survival of patients with the disease. For public authorities, the preventive approach must also make it possible to reduce the costs associated with long-term illnesses.

E-SIS supports three National screening campaigns in France:

  • Organized breast cancer screening, the most common screening for women. The examination, performed by an experienced radiologist, includes a clinical examination, a mammography on controlled equipment, and a 2nd mammography reading.
  • Organized screening for cervical cancer, which affects 3000 women each year
  • Organized screening for colorectal cancer, the third most common cancer in men and the second most common in women

The software suite is common to management centres and practitioners. It thus makes it possible to optimize the path of the patient file.

This solution is the result of a consortium involving Epiconcept, the Swiss company CDI, the Turkish company SESAM and the engineering school of Fribourg (Switzerland).


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