What is e-SIS?

e-SIS is an "all-digital" system for the management of organized cancer screening.

The application suite is common to management centres and practitioners. It thus makes it possible to optimize the care pathway.

A complete and dematerialized solution for three programs:

  • Organized breast cancer screening, the most common screening for women. The screening examination, performed by an experienced radiologist, includes a clinical examination, a mammography on controlled equipment, and a 2nd mammography reading. The solution allows the dematerialized transport of mammograms for second reading (a mandatory practice for all screened women). The Ile de France region uses this functionality as part of the "Demat Docs" project.
  • Organized colorectal cancer screening, the third most common cancer in men and the second most common in women
    Organized cervical cancer screening, which affects 3000 women each year.

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