Neonat: a neonatal screening software

Today, every child born in metropolitan France and the French overseas departments and territories has a brief stint in NéoNat - that is approximately 800,000 newborns per year.

This neonatal screening software is financed by the Assurance Maladie and administered by the National coordination centre for neonatal screening. It processes data from Guthrie tests (for phenylketonuria, congenital hypothyroidism, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, sickle cell disease and cystic fibrosis).

NéoNat offers the following features:

  • Entry of administrative data from maternity hospitals
  • Management of duplicate entries
  • Control panels to check screening completeness
  • Management of loss to follow-up,
  • Recovery of analytical results from laboratory systems
  • Monitoring of positive-testing newborns up to their care
  • Record of positive results for the performance of studies
  • Publication of dashboards for the French Association for the Screening and Prevention of Childhood Disabilities and Health Insurance.

As part of the roll-out of neonatal screening for deafness initiated in 2014 (order of 23 April 2012), Epiconcept developed a specific module communicating with Néonat, accessible to the various players involved in this screening: maternity hospitals, perinatal health networks and Regional Health Authorities.


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