Adapted to difficult terrains or to environments where the use of mobile terminals is compulsory, Epiconcept's Mobile Health solutions are based on a Voozanoo application and a "mobile" module -  Voozanoo app (Android or iOS) or Open Data Kit solution (ODK). The latter allows data to be entered on a mobile device in internet-connected or offline mode.

The Voozanoo application centralises data, manages feedback and monitors the "fleet" of mobile phones or tablets.


NOTE: the Voozanoo mobile application is the only one that allows transmission of collected data to a centralised system via a "data" connection or via SMS.

Epiconcept’s “Mobile Health” solutions are used by:

  • Madagascar's Department of Health and Epidemiological Surveillance: mobile application dedicated to strengthening epidemiological surveillance in the south of the island. SMS technology is used to transmit data in areas that are not covered by mobile phone technology.
  • Médecins du Monde: Computerised patient records for “outdoor” consultations.
  • INSERM/UVSQ Joint Unit 1168 for the COBANET study (assessment of occupational or domestic exposures to cleaning and disinfection products): development of databases of cleaning/disinfection products by associating their barcodes with the list of their active substances; development of a mobile phone application to simultaneously scan the barcodes and answer a questionnaire on the use of these products (3); testing of the exposure assessment method in a mother-child epidemiological cohort and among hospital staff.
  • Association Aurore (supporting excluded or vulnerable people towards social and professional integration) - project "Un chez soi d'abord": experimental programme for the care and support of homeless people suffering from a severe psychological pathology, in comparison with the usual health and social services.
  • The Ministry of Health of the Union of the Comoros: mobile application for strengthening epidemiological surveillance in the territory. SMS technology is used to transmit messages in areas not covered by mobile phone technology.
  • TM Institute: Mobile application for collecting information on Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) in the professional field.

To try the mobile version of Voozanoo, go to Android Play and the Apple Store and download the Voozanoo mobile application: create a user account for the fictitious "Healthy" application by completing the following information: User name: Jeanne ; Password : vootest ; Project : Healthy