The stakes:

Epidemiological surveillance systems provide accurate and reliable information and analysis on a given epidemiological situation. Thus,they are a basis for any policy to prevent and control diseases.


The Epiconcept offer

On request, Epiconcept evaluates epidemiological surveillance systems. It also makes technical and scientific recommendations for their improvement. 


Some references : 

  • ECDC: evaluation of 52 infectious disease surveillance systems (4-year project)
  • National Observatory of New and Emerging Diseases of Tunisia: evaluation and drafting of specifications for an epidemiological surveillance information system.
  • Mexican Social Security Institute - GSK Biologicals Group: evaluation of the national epidemiological surveillance system
  • Organisation for the development of the Senegal River: drafting of the specifications for a data collection and analysis software. The project aimed to analyse the health impact of a development plan for the Senegal River.