A platform for epidemiological or clinical studies

With its multi-base approach, Epistudy offers a turnkey solution for epidemiological or clinical studies and longitudinal registries.

A one-stop shop for several IT applications or websites, its SSO (Single Sign-On) portal offers:

  • Basic medical project management functionalities: customised dashboards, creation/deletion/ copying of projects, sharing of repositories, standard questionnaires...
  • Standard epidemiological and clinical study functions: e-CRF (electronic Case Report Form - a centralised database and web form to collect data, adapted to personal protection regulations); consistency check/queries; audit trail; data monitoring; recruitment monitoring; randomisation; reminders and automated reminder emailing
  • Data exploitation tools: search for missing data; listings and exports with resource rights management; total data export; creation and management of code books; summaries; export anonymisation; standard statistics that can be modified for “R” language users
  • Advanced functions: inclusion mode, patient module, pseudonymisation, Epinit, open-data repositories, subscription repositories (Thériaque), offline data entry