The computerised patient record system developed by Epiconcept is deployed in Médecins du Monde's Reception, Care and Guidance Centres.

A multi-specialty database, it monitors the activity of the organisation’s French and international monitoring centers along with all medical, psychosocial or legal activities implemented by the NGO in the provision of care to its beneficiaries. It takes into account the free movement of patients between the various existing centres and programmes and ensures a continuity of the patient follow-up with a record of the interventions and treatments provided.
Developed using the Voozanoo open source framework, accessible via the internet, this product benefits from standard functionalities for data security and use.

The computerised patient record system can be adapted toother care structures or NGOs.


Internet access to a single, securely hosted and centralised web database. 

It can be operated in two modes:

  • "Fixed & connected", allowing multi-user input with real-time data update
  • "Mobile & disconnected", allowing data to be updated (data synchronization at the beginning and end of tours)