An analysis of social debate

The Epiconcept solution provides healthcare professionals with an update of public opinion expressed on social networks.

It offers a possibility to better orient messages and prevention or awareness-raising measures. 

Case study: debate on vaccination in France

In 2018, the Epiconcept data science team drew an analysis of the public debate on vaccination. 

The project occurred in the wake of the move from three to eleven mandatory vaccines for children under 2 years of age.

The stakes were high, as the coverage rate of recommended vaccines was insufficient to prevent epidemics. Public health authorities observed an increase in measles cases and an n meningitis cases in young children. However, public confidence in vaccination was low: fear of side effects, doubts about effectiveness, lack of confidence in the pharmaceutical industry....

The Epiconcept solution

Epiconcept provided health authorities with a mapping of public opinion. It was based on an analysis of the debates on social networks, in particular Twitter.

By identifying the pro- or anti-vaccination nature of tweets, it provided a map of the most resistant French regions and provides keys to guide strategies to raise awareness of the usefulness of vaccines.