The fight against tuberculosis in France

In France, tuberculosis control involves three main actors: clinicians who make the diagnosis, health and social affairs departments and anti-tuberculosis control centres. In practice, clinicians are required to report any case (probable and confirmed) or latent tuberculosis infection in children under 15 years of age to the health and social affairs departments. The process triggers the intervention of anti-tuberculosis control centres, which ensure the search for contact subjects and the detection of possible secondary cases. Objective: to put in place, quickly, the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic. 

What is Damoc?

Damoc is a monitoring system for tuberculosis index cases and their contacts. It was originally designed for the French Anti-Tuberculosis Control Centres.

Functionalities for tuberculosis cases tracking:

  • Edition of work lists and activity reports
  • HDS hosting: secure storage of information
  • Integrated services:
    • Data backup
    • User training (two-hour training course, available online)
    • Application and scalable maintenance
    • Hotline
    • Regular system updates

Our IT solution's assets: 

  • Simplified web access in SAAS (Software As A Service) mode
  • Short opening and account setup times (1.5 days)
  • A reduced cost, for a controlled budget (annual subscription)  

DAMOC, a part of the Prevention Health Suite

The Prevention Health Suite is a modular offer. It proposes three software packages (including VAXI, software for managing a vaccination centre, and CUPIDON dedicated to STI screening) within a secure, multi-actor web portal.