Damoc is a system for monitoring index cases of tuberculosis and their contacts for Anti-Tuberculosis Centres (CLAT).

The advantages of Damoc

Damoc makes it possible to securely store the information needed to monitor tuberculosis index cases and their contacts, to manage this information, to edit work lists and to generate the CLAT activity report
Damoc’s very simple interface based on the use of a colour code makes it very easy to use. Two hours of training is all that is needed to learn how to use it, and this can be done online.
Internet access is all that is needed to use Damoc. You can use this software from anywhere with an internet connection.
You only need to open an account and configure your database to be able to use Damoc. On average, one and a half days after your order you can access Damoc and your personal database
Data exchanges between your workstation and our servers are secure (https - 128 bit), our servers are hosted in a highly secure data centre (we would be happy to provide you with the details of this security) and you have a dedicated and partitioned disk space.
Epiconcept covers all the services required for the proper functioning of Damoc at no extra cost: accessibility, backup of your data, training in use, application maintenance, upgrade maintenance, hotline.
Subscription to Damoc ensures that you benefit from minor and major system developments. In addition, these do not require any system interruptions and your activity is therefore not suspended during updates
Damoc is marketed in SAAS (Software As A Service) mode, which allows us to offer you an annual subscription which is known in advance. This gives you total control over your IT budget.

Damoc is also available in the Public Health Suite

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