The analysis of public health problems or issues on the basis of numerical data and the development of statistical methods to understand the evolution of these problems is one of the bases of epidemiology.

Data analysis and biostatistics are at the heart of Epiconcept's cross competence in e-health and epidemiology.

A data analysis project for the ECDC

Within the framework of this activity, Epiconcept provides in particular packages based on the open-source "R" software (CRAN) for an ECDC project. The R software is frequently used to analyse data in the biomedical field. It has many advantages. Used by a large community of users, it offers many possibilities of data manipulation and large graphic capacities.

The R packages developed by Epiconcept in detail

The R packages developed by Epiconcept allow the analysis of epidemiological surveillance data. They provide the following options:

  • The generation of surveillance bulletins
  • Time series analysis
  • The detection of warning signals.

For more information, please visit the CRAN website.