• 2017Epiconcept launched its Smart Health strategy: epidemiology, e-Health solutions and the use of big data to support public health players in France and abroad
  • 2016Epiconcept celebrated its 20th anniversary with a huge party
  • 2015The Epiconcept team reached 50 members, Epiconcept's partners were Valérie Nancey, Loïc Flachet, Thomas Czernichow, Etienne Sévin and Guillaume Jeannerod
  • 2014Epiconcept contributed to the response to the Ebola virus epidemic by making its team of epidemiologists available to the WHO in Guinea
  • 2012Epiconcept was qualified as a personal data host
  • 2009Epiconcept was selected to coordinate the network for surveillance and investigation of epidemics in the Indian Ocean
  • 2007Epiconcept coordinated the European I-MOVE network for measuring the effectiveness and impact of influenza vaccines
  • 2006Epiconcept created an epidemiology department with 3 main activities: operational research, training and service activities
  • 2002The first version of Voozanoo, Epiconcept’s technical platform, was launched
  • 2001Etienne Sévin and Loïc Flachet joined the partners of Epiconcept
  • 2000Epiconcept resisted the year 2000 bug
  • 1996After several years in the scientific department of Doctors Without Borders, Gilles Desvé, Daniel Cauët, Valérie Nancey and Guillaume Jeannerod created Epiconcept with the aim of providing IT solutions to public health players


In the mid-1990s, doctor Gilles Desvé and pharmacist Daniel Cauët collected and analysed data at the scientific department of Médecins Sans Frontières. 

Passionate about computers, they developed medical data analysis software for the NGO. As they were transferable to other areas of research, prevention and screening, these IT solutions gradually caught the interest of health authorities, and the new IT activity grew within the organisation. In 1996, Gilles Desvé and Daniel Cauët joined forces with Valérie Nancey and Guillaume Jeannerod (also members of Médecins sans Frontières) to create Epiconcept, whose objective was to provide IT solutions to public health actors. 

In 2002, Voozanoo, Epiconcept’s software foundation, was created. 

2006 marked the arrival of a new business competence, epidemiology, with 3 main activities:

  • Operational research
  • Training
  • Services.

Epiconcept quickly became a key player in the coordination of international surveillance networks. In 2007, the company was appointed coordinator of the European I-Move network, which measures the effectiveness and impact of influenza vaccines. 

In 2009, it was appointed coordinator of the network for the surveillance and investigation of epidemics in the Indian Ocean. 

Epiconcept also contributed to the response to the Ebola epidemic delegating its team of epidemiologists to WHO in Guinea in 2014 and 2015.

As a service provider in public health, Epiconcept obtained the "hosting of personal health data" accreditation in 2012. 

In 2017, the company presented its "Smart Health" strategy: a combination of expertise in epidemiology, e-health and data science serving public health stakeholders in France and abroad. This desire to open up to foreign markets was then marked by two initiatives: the creation of Epiconcept Indian Ocean in 2017, in order to disseminate services more widely with the support of local players. 

In 2019, Epiconcept was certified to host personal health data.

In 2020, Epiconcept provided support for the health crisis linked to the COVID-19 epidemic.

In 2021, Epiconcept celebrated 25 years at the service of public health actors.