Organized cervical cancer screening: a dedicated component in the E-SIS solution

08 March 2019

Cervical cancer screening is now the third screening program to be applied nationwide in France (the other two regarding breast and colon cancers).

Epiconcept supports these three large-scale public health projects with e-SIS, a complete and dematerialized management solution designed for cancer screening programs.

Public health issues

The cervical cancer screening national campaign will target women aged 25 to 65. Its objective: to improve screening and early care. In France, there are 3,000 cases per year and 1,100 deaths among women. While it allows abnormal cells to be detected as soon as possible, screening is currently insufficient: only six out of ten women have actually taken a screening smear sample in the past three years.

The e-SIS offer, adapted to cervical cancer screening programs

Epiconcept's e-SIS solution allows a complete and dematerialized management of the three cancer screening programs.

The cervical cancer screening program component could be tested before national programmes were decided on. From 2010, it was used in an experimental test logic in Isère, Val de Marne and Martinique.

As it allows for optimized and shared organization, integrated and interoperable regional tool, secure data hosting, management evaluation tool, the solution is adapted to the evolutions of screening.

To learn more about E-SIS, you can visit our dedicated page.