Neonatal MCAD deficiency screening integrated into Neonat

10 December 2020

Neonat, Epiconcept’s neonatal screening management software, now takes into account MCAD deficiency screening, which was adopted on December 1, 2020 for all infants in France.
Since June, the installation of this new screening software has involved training sessions and travel for deployment and handling in the centers using the software.
Installed in about twenty sites since 2004, Neonat has undergone a first major evolution in 2012 with the addition of a Voozanoo Laboratory module. It should then allow to obtain a COFRAC accreditation for the management of sickle cell disease screening. Interfaced with a spectrophotometer (measuring device for research laboratories), this module can now manage three simultaneous screenings: sickle cell disease, phenylketonuria, and therefore MCAD since December 1st.
In the wake of the deployment, a review meeting will enable stakeholders to take stock of the response to needs, before a full REX in January to consider new developments (improved ergonomics, integration of six new diseases, new interfaces for children’s data, etc.).