I-MOVE network’s 13th annual meeting, Sept. 16 to 30, 2020

21 September 2020

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, this year’s I-MOVE meeting is virtual, with sessions spread out between September 16 and 30. 

The I-MOVE meeting is funded by ECDC and more than 150 participants registered for these sessions from primary care networks, hospitals, national laboratory reference centres and other institutes in 23 countries across the WHO European Region and beyond.

The I-MOVE network’s 13th annual meeting addresses influenza vaccine effectiveness and the co-circulation of influenza and COVID-19 and its consequences at primary care and hospital levels in eight sessions: 

– 2019–20 influenza vaccine effectiveness and impact results from European studies

– North American 2019–20 influenza VE results and approaches to COVID-19 surveillance

– Influenza and COVID-19 co-circulation – experience from the Southern Hemisphere and subtropical climates

– Influenza and COVID-19 co-circulation: challenges and plans at primary care level for Europe and beyond

–  Influenza and COVID-19 co-circulation: challenges and plans at hospital level for Europe and beyond

– Influenza vaccine and COVID-19

– Laboratory challenges – how to integrate both COVID-19 VE and flu VE at lab level?

– Influenza type-specific vaccine effectiveness

The I-MOVE (Influenza – Monitoring Vaccine Effectiveness in Europe) network aims to measure influenza vaccine effectiveness (VE) in Europe. It gathers 29 partners including ECDC, WHO-EURO, regional and national public health institutes, hospitals, small and medium enterprises, and universities from 15 European Union/European Economic Area Member States.
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