Simplified translation of application needs

Public health professionals, join the digital transformation with our “user friendly” development environment, accessible without advanced technical skills.

Our complete information systems are created using a simple editor that interfaces with the technical components. Applications are quickly put into production and are constantly evolving, with computer programming only intervening when the project becomes complex. Our users are autonomous on a large part of the elements displayed in the application. Our systems are based on a modular and scalable architecture: new functionalities (from our catalogue or specific developments) can be activated at any time.

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    User benefits



    Information systems must be communicative in order to encourage cooperation between professionals in the context of care pathways. With Voozanoo, technical interoperability (transport of flows, exchange and secure sharing of health data) and business content is ensured.


    UX Design

    Ergonomics and homepages adapted to each role and intuitive navigation paths Synthetic homepage and customized dashboards Configuration of actions minimizing the number of clicks and feedback for immediate added value to the input time.


    Quick to get started

    Easy to use interface: databases are quickly developed and structured, even for non-IT professionals.