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Accompanying you during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak

During the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, we maintain all our services and continue to support you. Already formalized as part of our Health Data Hosting certification, our business continuity plan establishes an on-call system, remote administration and the establishment of a close monitoring committee. We are equipped to pursue all our parameterization, configuration and development activities for all our e-health projects and products. A common practice at Epiconcept, teleworking is also…

Voozanoo: our latest updates

Our Voozanoo framework is constantly updated to meet both software evolutions and our customers’ needs. Here is a focus on the updates we made during the last few weeks. The Vooz4 table display widget has now become more flexible for developers which allows for more complex table elements.  Security has been increased through three different improvements:  1) encryption is now at the SHA256 level  2) after n incorrect password attempts,…

The Epiconcept teams wish you all the best for 2020.