Geographic Information System for Health: a new version of GADMTools available

08 February 2019

The GADMTools solution, created by developer Jean-Pierre Decorps to allow public health experts to create customized maps, has been updated. As a reminder, the device declines the GADM database into chorophletes, temperature maps, plots of points… Version 3.5 adds shapefiles support in Simple Features (SF) format.

The GADMTools 3.5 package is available on the CRAN:

It can be downloaded here:
Package source: GADMTools_3.5-1.tar.gz

Windows binaries : r-devel : GADMTools_ ; r-release : GADMTools_ ; r-oldrel: GADMTools_

OS X binaries : r-release : GADMTools_3.5-1.tgz ; r-oldrel : GADMTools_3.5-1.tgz