Improve knowledge of diseases by making data accessible and conducting epidemiological studies,

Measure frequency and spread of diseases, detect risk factors,

Evaluate patient care and management, compare and evaluate therapeutic approaches to improve prevention and support:

Information and communication technologies are a key support for research, because they offer excellent possibilities for customisation and precise monitoring.

Epiconcept’s research activities cover training in epidemiology, epidemiological surveillance, applied research and scientific communication.
The research projects conducted by Epiconcept mainly concern the field of vaccine-preventable diseases. They cover the development and review of protocols (influenza, rotavirus, malaria, Ebola, invasive pneumococcal infections, pertussis, HPV, etc.); the coordination and implementation of multicenter studies to measure vaccine effectiveness (phase IV studies) and impact measurement of vaccination strategies; data analysis and audit of research projects.
The e-health offer is mobilized in addition and according to needs, in order to offer unprecedented possibilities for customization and precision of follow-up.

Epiconcept supports its partners in the field of written and oral scientific communication. Related activities include, among others: writing of scientific articles; scientific articles proofreading; training in oral scientific communications; and training in scientific writing.

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