Alert and Response

Health crises and events that could affect the health of a large number of people require an appropriate response within a very short time frame. They are generally anticipated by a monitoring and alert system. It identifies the occurrence of major epidemics or pandemics, crises linked to contaminated medicines or vaccines, climatic or meteorological events, consequences of accidents, etc.

Whether it concerns a technical or human deployment, this response requires key skills: expertise, adaptability to difficult terrain and reactivity.

The Epiconcept offer for the management of alerts and responses to health crises

Epiconcept provides experienced human resources (epidemiologists, data managers, computer scientists) and dedicated IT tools to field workers in order to adress alert and response to health crises.

Here are a few examples of our field of experience:

– Participation in the response to health crises: In 2016, Epiconcept collaborated with WHO to support the surveillance of the Ebola epidemic in Guinea and participated in data collection and analysis. Epiconcept also sent epidemiological experts to the field during the cholera outbreak following the Haiti 2010 earthquake.

– Creation of alert tools, business dashboards and IT solutions for the detection and management of health alerts.

– Urgent implementation of surveillance systems for exceptional situations (large organized population rallies).

– Design and development of software for international medical NGOs in the field for drug stock management, compatibility and human resources management.