R trainings

Project description

On-line and recorded R training sessions for the ECDC Epidemic Intelligence team, and for ECDC staff members.

Context situation

Development and delivery of training materials for:

  • Beginner training (8 sessions of 2 hours)
  • Intermediate training (8 sessions of 2 hours)
  • Introduction (4 sessions of 3 hours)
  • Statistical analysis using R (4 sessions of 3 hours)
  • Reporting using R including R Markdown and Shiny (2 sessions of 3 hours)
  • More advanced R including GitHub, 'for' and 'if' statements (3 sessions of 3 hours)
  • Time series analysis using R (4 sessions of 3 hours)

Project activities

Developing and designing training materials

Epiconcept prepared an outline of the training to identify key learning objectives, the target audience and their anticipated knowledge and skill levels, and proposed pedagogic approaches. All exercises and case studies were based on the ECDC team datasets. 

Delivering online R training sessions

Epiconcept delivered on-line R training sessions for a maximum of 20 ECDC experts on a videoconference platform allowing a good interaction with participants: sharing screens simultaneously, breaking participants in several rooms, allowing remote control of participants' computers if necessary, creating polls, recording the session for further use, etc. 

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