Guidance document for data pooling

Project description

Guidance document for managing heterogeneity when pooling data from different surveillance systems

Context situation

This report addresses the heterogeneity that arises from pooling data from different surveillance systems and provides statistical and procedural approaches to minimize or remove its impact. The aim is to support public health specialists and researchers in answering key research and policy questions using available European data to the fullest possible extent.

Project activities

Inventory of methodological challenges

Identification of the most common methodological and statistical challenges faced when pooling data from EU/EEA national surveillance systems. This inventory included challenges in routine analyzes and more advanced analyzes including time series analysis and analysis of effectiveness/impact of interventions.

One-day in-house meeting

Organization of a one-day meeting to discuss and prioritize the main challenges when analyzing data pooled between countries.

Guidelines document

Based on the conclusions of the one-day in-house meeting at ECDC, identification and test of the methods to address the pooling challenges as selected during the meeting and development of guidelines for the analysis of pooled data across national data sources.

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