Project description

Interactive maps of Aedes-borne viral disease outbreak risk

Context situation

The aim of the 'Interactive maps of Aedes-borne viral disease outbreak risk' (ArboRisk) project is to strengthen the evidence base for determining triggers for action for local response (ie, “how many cases should trigger initiation of public health responses?” ) and improve the strategic timing and spatial allocation of public health resources.

Project activities

Technical plan of analysis

In close collaboration with a group of experts from the Cyprus Institute, the team developed a plan of analysis including description of the data sources, the methods and a mock-up of the planned tool. 

shiny platform

Epiconcept developed an interactive map to display the risk estimates, and deployed, together with the ECDC Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) team, the R Shiny tool on ECDC publicly available platform. 

Mathematical modeling and climate data wrangling

The experts from the Cyprus Institute developed the C code and R scripts for the mathematical modeling of the risk calculation, but also test, validation and scaling of the risk estimates. All code was wrapped and standardized into an R package.


Epiconcept organized a virtual workshop for public health experts and scientists aiming to present the preliminary version of the ECDC ArboRisk tool and discuss the use and usefulness of the application.

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