Epiconcept Group, involved in a consortium to support countries in the response to the COVID-19 Crisis

02 July 2020

Epiconcept Group joins three organisations (CREDES, an international operator for the reinforcement of the supply and quality of public policies in Health, the Humanitarian Centre for Pharmaceutical Professions (Centre Humanitaire des Métiers de la Pharmacie), a non-profit association with pharmaceutical and health products expertise, and Integrated Quality Laboratory Services, a research, consulting and expertise office in laboratory activities) to form a consortium. It offers support and consulting in the deployment of adapted public policies in the response to the COVID-19 crisis in countries with limited resources. 

Eight levers for an integrated and inclusive service offer:

The consortium proposes strategic, technical, scientific and cross-cutting support to international donors. It covers the following components: 

The organization of the hospital care offer and the strengthening of the health system: Setting up mobile detection units and quarantine solutions for all suspected cases, capacity building for actors involved in the management of health emergencies…

Support for public health actors, particularly with regard to the organisation of healthcare provision across the entire public/private healthcare pyramid. 

Crisis communication and social marketing advice (raising awareness of risk behaviours)

Support for laboratory networks and systems, , such as the implementation of mechanisms for coordinating and monitoring laboratories with the virological and serological diagnosis of COVID-19, organization of reference laboratories, etc.

Pharmaceutical and health product policy, management and supply, with, for example, support for the development of regional plans for a pharmaceutical response to pandemics, support for the industrialization of the sector and the implementation of an independent strategy…

Intervention epidemiology and operational research. This includes support for the implementation of investigation and research protocols, data analysis and interpretation.

The implementation of innovative technological and digital solutions particularly via contact tracing to collect and report data in real time via the Internet or smartphones.

Technical support for the integration of gender and human rights in the implementation of the crisis response (in the implementation of containment strategies and exit and deconfinement plans).

An offer adapted to the challenges of the health crisis 

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was reaffirmed as a “public health emergency of international concern” by the World Health Organization’s Emergency Committee on May 2020. It is a major challenge for a large majority of States, both situational and structural.. The disease gives rise to four major stakes: the provision of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers and of qualified human resources for the management of severe cases of COVID-19, the absorption capacity of medical infrastructures and the availability of tests for detection. 

The Epiconcept Group / CREDES / IQLS / CHMP consortium proposes to consolidate the cross-cutting aspects of public response to COVID-19 and to strengthen health systems, while taking into account environmental and social determinants within a “One Health” approach and global public health response.

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