e-SIS: Automatic Document Reading (ADR) for easy information processing.

26 March 2021

e-SIS, Epiconcept’s management system for cancer screening programmes, is now equipped with an automatic document reading function. This function enables information to be read and retrieved during the scanning of documents and data to be captured quickly (recognition of ticked boxes, barcodes and handwritten characters). 

Developed with 3SI and its Scan’X solution, the ADR function is currently available for the cervical cancer screening module.

ADR facilitates the retrieval of information from standardised postal responses to invitations. After a consistency check, it allows automatic transfer to the insured person’s invitation form in e-SIS DOCCU. This greatly facilitates the management of returned mail, and in particular the processing of negative returns.

It represents a substantial time saving for the screening management centres: 15 minutes on the scanner is equivalent to two hours of keyboarding. 

The ADR is based on a simple organisation in the centres (with a scanning station and a scanner compatible with the NeoScan’X solution).