The prevention health suite


A complete follow-up of the cases of TB with Damoc

Damoc specializes in the management of investigations around an index case of tuberculosis, in the targeted screening of populations at risk, and in BCG vaccination. Designed specifically for the needs of CLAT (Anti-Tuberculosis Centers), it allows a complete management of tuberculosis screening and production of the activity report.

    Survey management

    Follow-up of index cases and contact subjects with management of screening protocols and mailing of invitations and follow-up of reminders

    Targeted screenings

    Effective and mass management of targeted screenings at all coming or in action outside the walls (home, MA, ..)

    Automated activity report

    Automatic and real-time production of the Annual Activity and Performance Report, with the possibility of generating other additional statistics

    2 out of 3 surveys carried out in France go through DAMOC

    more than 1 in 2 CLATs use the DAMOC solution

    Estimate based on French Public Health figures in 2020 / 2023 data

      The advantages of the Prevention Health Suite

      An attentive service

      • Personalized support when setting up
      • User Support qualified and responsive

      A smooth migration

      • Simplified installation no impact on workstations
      • Recovery of your patient data

      SaaS full-web solution

      • Immediate access without technical prerequisites
      • Regular updates refereed in user club and available immediately and free of charge

      Secure health data

      • Software accessible securely and hosted on HDS approved servers

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