Deep Piste, Health Data Hub pilot project approved by the French National Commission on Information Technology and Civil Liberties

08 December 2020

The Health Data Hub announced at the beginning of December 2020 that it had reached an important milestone with the authorization by the French National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL) of four pilot projects, including Deep.piste by Epiconcept. The CNIL authorization conditions effective access to the data required to conduct the project and therefore allows its official launch.

Deep.Track: Improving Breast Cancer Screening with Artificial Intelligence

Deep.piste is led by Epiconcept, in partnership with the Regional Coordination Center for Cancer Screening of the Occitanie Region and Professor Fabien Reyal’s research team at Institut Curie. Integrated with e-SIS, Epiconcept’s software for cancer screening campaigns management – including breast cancer – the project offers a contribution of AI in the analysis of mammograms in 2nd or 3rd reading.

By using artificial intelligence and data from the Assurance Maladie (French health insurance) on the consumption of care, the project aims to develop an automatic analysis of mammograms and to refine the understanding of risk factors. Objective: to identify cases that could benefit from a lighter screening system (for example, the frequency of mammograms for certain patients) or those requiring a reinforcement of the system.