The Epiconcept Voozanoo and Epicraft technical base

All our information systems are developed using the Voozanoo technical base allowing the deployment of health applications within a secure environment with one objective: user autonomy.

For research (cohorts, epidemiological or clinical studies), epidemiological surveillance, alert and response to epidemics, prevention, screening or coordination of care (computerized patient file, medical databases), our systems information are developed using this Voozanoo technical base.

The Voozanoo Technical Base

High user autonomy

Voozanoo is a user-oriented "low code" platform.

Using his Epicraft editor Voozanoo allows the application to be built as it is configured by users (creation of forms, setting up navigation, consistency checks, rights management, listings and data exports, etc.).

A functional application can be put online in a few clicks and evolve as needed by adding new features via dedicated code.

Different operating modes

Voozanoo can be deployed on Epiconcept servers in private "Cloud" mode certified HDS "Host of personal health data", or “on premise” on our customers' infrastructure.

    System interoperability

    Information systems must communicate to promote cooperation between healthcare professionals. With Voozanoo, technical interoperability (transport of flows, exchange and secure sharing of health data) and business content is ensured (secure health messaging, DMP, medical devices, HIS, RIS, PACS, life health data real, etc.).

    Simple and intuitive interfaces

    The result is an application that is easy to use and adapted to the business problem.

    Ergonomics and landing pages adapted to each role and intuitive navigation paths.

    Personalized dashboards.

    The strengths of our Epicraft Editor

    Epicraft is the basis of our “low code” approach, which allows non-IT business experts to design, deploy and maintain complex applications in the field of health.

    Simple and intuitive, the Epicraft editor allows you to build a functional application without programming.

    Quick start

    For a classic use, a few hours of training are enough to take control of Epicraft and start building its pages.


    The graphical interface allows you to create pages by simply dragging and dropping questionnaire fields.

    Note that these quick and effective actions have the effect of creating/modifying the database in depth

    Import option

    Research protocols and variables from legacy systems can be integrated into Epicraft applications. Thanks to its CSV-based page import and data dictionary system, only the layout then remains to be improved via the editor.

    An eCRF created in Excel or on a dedicated application will thus be quickly reconfigured in Epicraft.

    Offline use

    An internet connection and a computer are enough to use Epicraft. Working offline is also possible: all changes made in offline mode are integrated into the online version when reconnecting to Epicraft.

    Multi users

    Because this editor is online, it is open to collaborative and simultaneous work.

    The members of the same team can then work together with the help of Epiconcept remotely.

    Development, test, production: several environments for controlled releases

    With Epicraft, it is possible to modify its forms and to apply modifications on the development environment as on the production environment in one click. These environments can be modified on demand.

    Personalized advice

    Epicraft is the foundation of many apps built for public health professionals. Our experts support their design and use and are able to handle the most complex settings if necessary.

    Continuous evolution

    Epicraft is subject to regular updates and new features, resulting in particular from exchanges with our users.

    Safety and regulatory compliance

    Epicraft evolves within a secure environment in “Cloud” mode certified “Host of personal health data”.

    Advanced options

    If the many native features of Epicraft are not enough, some particularly advanced users can go further by adding pieces of XML code to go even further. This requires an excellent understanding of Voozanoo.

    The other Voozanoo modules

    Document generation module

    Mailmerge uses DOCX, PDF, or HTML “filleted” document templates to generate documents using data from the application. Thus, it is possible to write a standard model of prescription or invitation to an appointment to use it for each patient. The generated document will be personalized.

    Secure file transmission module

    Laboratories, doctors, health network: with Epifiles, transfers between health professionals
    are automated taking into account the bandwidth of the customers. The expiry date of
    files is configurable.

    A dual function statistics module

    • Integrate graphs and analysis results in the form of complex tables
    • Manage your dashboards via a dedicated reporting application.
      The platform integrates the "EpiStats" library dedicated to the field of epidemiology and GADMTools for
      creation of maps at the global level.


    The BuDi module manages scheduled tasks for data extraction, transformation and insertion to other targets, but also for driving internal Voozanoo modules via the exposed APIs, such as file generation, statistics or sending e-mail or SMS, retrieving and distributing files from one module to another. It can be used as an application “glue” between the different modules.

    Available for iOS and Android

    The module makes it possible to fill in forms under connection as well as in offline mode, or to send completed forms via SMS via a proxymobil.

    Tailor-made developments

    Depending on the specific needs expressed by our customers, the modules are integrated into the software architecture and ready to use.

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