Project methodology

A 4 hands design,

Epiconcept methodology which has proven itself

We believe in the virtues of co-construction throughout the course of your project. 
Thanks to a flexible and rigorous project management, we work with you as a team to obtain the best result. During all phases of the project (design, development and commissioning), our project managers and experts are always at your disposal and advise you in the interests of the project.

A project is a common adventure, Let's stay the course, Together!

Discover the 3 key phases for the co-construction of your custom projects
Our project managers coordinate the follow-up of your project by practicing an agile method


We specify together the different features the basic project of the specifications, the user paths and the database schema.

This phase can be facilitated bydesign workshops which will serve as a basis for the drafting of the technical specifications and the design of the models


We start the development phase as soon as validated design. The functionalities are delivered in batches in accordance with the development schedule.
Each batch must be validated by respecting the recipe book during the sprint following delivery.

Any lag in returns may result in a lag in production.


Following the recipe, the application is delivered to production. The stage of Regular Service Verification ou VSR extends over 2 to 3 months and ensures that the application provides regular service under normal operating conditions.

As soon as the VSR is validated, the application goes into phase RUN. The project is entrusted to our team of Maintenance in operational conditions in charge of support and maintenance.

A very good mutual understanding of the expected result

Agile management of the implementation phase allowing for great responsiveness and adaptations

Project monitoring by a team in contact with the business to never lose the link

The advantages of Epiconcept

Long-term support

Because our desire is to accompany you throughout the life of the project for its maintenance in operational conditions and for its evolutions, we ensure continuity with your interlocutors.

HDS hosting

Our solutions are accessible from
secure manner and hosted on
ISO27001 – HDS certified servers.

An adapted technical base

The same technical base is used for all our e-Health projects: Voozanoo.

Adapted to public health issues, it guarantees wide functional coverage with a good level of autonomy for trained administrators.

Central purchasing referencing

Health data hosting

We are Health Data Host (HDS) of a personal nature since 2012 with ISO 27001/HDS certification since 2019.

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Commitment and ethics

Discover our commitments and values ​​in our charter