A monitoring device for Occupational Medicine

Since 2008, Epiconcept has offered Occupational Health Services and
health authorities with tools to manage occupational health surveys.
In this context, we support the CREAPT and the University of Lille in the
implementation of the EVREST system, monitoring for occupational medicine.

The advantages of our solution

Epiconcept information solutions / systems make it possible to set up and develop platforms for centralizing data from occupational physicians.
In particular, they provide the following functionalities:

  • creation of adapted questionnaires
  • data collection via internal
  • physician registration and authentication
  • recovery, for each doctor of his own data
  • production, monitoring and analysis of indicators
  • hosting and data security

Since 2008, data from more than 160 employees has been collected and analyzed by 000 occupational health teams.

Welcome to the EVREST website – Evolution and relationship in occupational health

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