Support for National Reference Centers (CNR)

The National Reference Centers fight against communicable diseases.
Since its creation, Epiconcept has supported many centers in monitoring
data, alert management and epidemiological surveillance.
National Reference Centers (CNR)
are laboratories located within
public or private health, education or research establishments.

National reference centers for the control of communicable diseases

The strengths of our expertise

Declaration portal

Most CNRs call on Epiconcept to set up a portal for declaring the strains intended for them. This portal is built on the standard Voozanoo brick with the possibility of customizing the processing if necessary (example: generation of a pdf file for the trace, integration of the
pseudonymization of Public Health France).

Annual activity report

Epiconcept can support the CNR for the
production of the indicators necessary for
Activity Report. The conditions
interoperability are multiple and can range from simple export to standard data processing software (Stata, R, etc.) to interactions via the implementation of web services.


The portal can be interfaced with other
information systems such as the LMIS (Laboratory Management Information System – LIMS) of the laboratory, for example. This makes it possible to simplify, secure and make the linking of data from different systems more reliable, avoiding superfluous and “manual” and therefore more hazardous manipulations.

Hosting / HDS

The entire hosting service provided by Epiconcept on the platform Voozanoo is covered by the ISO 27001 HDS certification. This certification guarantees compliance with the legal framework around the security and confidentiality of health data.

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